Homeschooling for Starters

Homeschooling for Starters

There are options for buying a curriculum from companies that will provide the lesson, the time frame its taught etc. for you. However for me, I wanted  get as far away from the traditional style of educating as I could lol. For one, my child is far from traditional. She is like a ball of energy (no exaggeration) and a creative kinesthetic and visual learner. The purpose of me bringing her home was to teach in a way that is effective specific to her. I believe that learning through context will be more successful for her learning and retaining what has been taught. There was also the desire to introduce her to a broader variety of information. Really didn’t like the fact that what she was exposed to  would just touch the surface of the subjects taught. Sure you could teach after school but for a 6 yr old with homework, test to study for, and additional reading assignments it quickly becomes overwhelming.

Just to dive a little deeper homeschooling can be divided into 5 different  styles. For more information on differences take a look at this Since I’m naturally an eclectic person I intend on taking what works from each style and disregarding what doesn’t. So for me creating my own curriculum was important. Knowing your Childs learning style would be the first step in choosing the learning style and curricula (whether you structure independently or purchase in whole) that would be the best fit for your family.

So before I officially begin deschooling, which will take place during our summer months, its important to me to have an idea of all the points I need to touch base on per subject.  I’m carefully structuring a curriculum to assist in keeping me on task and insuring I hit the key points for this year. As parents we naturally want what’s best for our children and very rewarding to have thought and intent put into each lesson plan based on knowing her strengths and weaknesses, curiosities and passions. Although it becomes hectic and there can be feeling of uncertainty I find that its all coming together seemingly successful!


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