Life By MicSoul Poetry and Thought


A trifecta forms a minaj a trois all the while His hands on approach will organize unexplained mechanisms that operate "robots" who remotely channel innovations. Endless combinations factor into limitless outcomes of one's numerology with intricate workings of the body to simplify and remain lacking a mother's title. Thoughts of the outside began to bore and lay frail wherefore we must handle with care the experience of feeling feel not felt. An electrical miracle designates mysterious functionality beyond the unknown. This equally angled shape is configured right on time making  risk of instant departure. Freewill can not be stressed enough by which, indecisiveness derives from intuitive skills that are non-existent to most. Although some are pre-recorded, the others lay still in rest and consistently are well spoken for. Be it as it may, I feel alive and well with being a grantee but satisfactory sanctions placed on those abode the rules of that state in place.


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